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Another wonderful coaching experience in Asia. This time in Kuala Lumpur at the KL Tigers. Over 70 boys and coaches over a 3 day period. Despite temperatures in the mid-30s the level of commitment and performance was total. We covered many “themes of work” and the coaches had lots of opportunity to develop their coaching style with the players. Our final session on Sunday, “creating turn over ball and using it”, was electric!. As head coach Gary Cane described it: “a lightning session”.  An hour of chaos/technique/passion and enthusiasm. Full marks to the coaches for surviving it! A few backward rolls as the boys smashed into the shields but there’s nothing like re-visiting your youth, occasionally! I hope we can all get together again later in the year to develop our programme of work. There is lots to do and we are keen to stay involved. Thanks to all involved in KL Tigers.

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